Help with account


I signed up for 1 year last October and I had not had a chance to look at the contol panel setup here and I think something is not setup right. It shows my domain as parked but not as hosted and threfore I am unable to upload files and such. Would you mind checking to make sure that my account is setup properly. thanks.

domain is


It looks like it’s parked.

All you have to do is log into your control panel and change your domain to “fully hosted.”

Once that’s done, DH should generate a folder in your ftp account “”… you can then start adding your files and folder as you wish.


Thank you for your reply. However I have already tried that. It will not allow me to change the status parked to hosted. And I think my plan includes it unless I am greatly mistaken

Here’s a screen shot of my Control Panel:

Am I in the right screen? Thank you

if you haven’t been in there in a year, perhaps you owe hosting fees? Go to your Account Summary in the panel and see if it shows you owing anything.

You can get more detail and invoice history here: if you find the summary page vague.

And last but not least: :slight_smile:


I signed up last October and the Account summary shows “all payed up” no outstanding balance.

I went ahead and sent a message to the support staff. thank you!