Help with a Anti-Spam add-on

Hello folks, I currently use PixelPost for my Photoblog, but recently, my site has been attacked by THOUSANDS of spam comments. I really do enjoy the comment feature so I started looking for an anti spam add-on. The good news is I found one, lcated here-
however I have no clue as to how to install it. I have read through it but I am totally clueless. If anyone would be willing to help me put this in there I would be willing to give you a few bucks through PayPal. Let me know, my email is wheresmyhippoATgmailDOTcom THANKS!

Seeing that no one had yet responded to your post, I though I would take a look at your issue and see what was involved.

Unfortunately, the addon you linked to in your post clearly states that it requires version 1.5 BETA1 of pixelpost and the only version offered from the page you linked is 1.4.

That said, it doesn’t look to be that difficult to install, but I will have to download the correct version, and you will have to have the correct version installed for it to have any chance of working without possible programming changes.

What version of pixelpost do you currently have installed. I was only able to find version 1.5 at the “new website” (man, their site is messed up - two different versions of the site intermingled - if one follows your link).

I’m not looking for any money, and I would take a look at it for you and see if I can help you get it installed, but that isn’t possible without the correct version of pixelpost. :wink:


I took a little time before breakfast this morning and discovered that the “anti-spam” addon you expressed interest in seems to have been incorporated as part of the latest release of pixelpost.

Version 1.5 (stable) now has, built in, what appears to be the full compliment of “spam fighting” capabilities the “addon” had for the 1.5 (BETA1) version. This actually makes a lot of sense given that the BETA1 release, and the addon, is ~10 months old, and the addon was written by a member of the developments team at pixel post.

I think you will gain all the functionality of that addon with the latest upgrade. There are also additional “spam-fighting tools” available now, including captcha based comment generation and akismet. What version of pixelpost are you using at present?


Hey, I really appreciate your reply, I checked my main admin area for the pixelpost script and I got this- “You are running Pixelpost version: 1.5 Final - July 2006”. I guess I just need a sure fire way to stop these spammers, as I am getting about a thousand comments a day in the form of spam. Again, thanks a lot for you help!

No problem…I had not looked at pixelpost in over a year, so I was due to “check it out” again anyway. Are you currently using the Spam Control admin tools in the admin section of Pixel Post?

In my “quick tests”, simply copying all the data in the “referrers” block-box to the “blacklist box” (which will cause any word in that box in a comment to make the comment be “refused”) looks like it would be a good start!


Hey thanks, I did do that, but im still having problems, is there any 100% sure way of not getting these robotic spam comments about pills, male enhacement and other undesirable things?

Well, it’s a bit like an arms race. We are in a seemingly unending cycle where the developers plug hole, the spam is thwarted for a while, the spammer-scum find a workaround for that “fix” and the spam starts up again, the developers plug that hole, etc. - rinse, and repeat.

Some applications are better at stopping different kinds of spam than are others. It looks like pixelpost is working hard at improving their spam protection, and hopefully more help is forthcoming. From looking at their forums/wiki, there are things in the works. You might consider whether or not it is time to investigate askismet or captcha.

Unfortunately there is no easy fix for this kind of stuff; while I do murder every spammer I can lure into a dark alley, there are far too many of them for such efforts alone to make much of an impact. :wink: