Help - Where's my transferred domain?


I’ve been in the process of transferring a site (both registration and hosting) from GoDaddy to Dreamhost. Already have a Dreamhost account - didn’t think to read the directions fully. Transferred has happened, BUT when I log into my control panel, I see the new domain name under “registered domains” and next to it, it says “fully hosted.” When go to “manage domains” it simply doesn’t appear - either on the list of those currently hosted, or those registered but not hosted. When I try to add the domain name from the “manage domains” screen, I get an error message - “already in our system.” I think I didn’t change nameservers on GoDaddy before the transfer was completed (!) Not sure - and not sure this is related. Can anyone help? Thank you, thank you!


contact support from the control panel. let them sort it out.


Offhand it sounds as though the domain you were trying to add might have already been on the account of another DreamHost customer. I can’t tell for sure, though, since you didn’t mention the domain name and the email address you signed in with here doesn’t match your DreamHost account.