Help.. what to learn.. to build a site search

I am building a site for a used car dealer, with 4 or 5 search queries , of model, make, milage, price etc.
I have not found what to use…php & mysql ? and not clear how to do it… usually i can find on the web, examples and tutor programs… i have not found anything, to point me in the right direction… PLEASE, help to shorter my learning curve. and explain what is needed… THANK YOU FOR ANY RESPONSES.

php and mysql should do the trick. If you want to learn php, the place to start is There is a downloadable manual (must have!) that you can use while you learn. Looks like DreamHost offers mysql on all plans, and php is what you would use to query this.

THANK YOU BOB…!! I have order the book/with cdrom… You have saved me many hours of surfing…etc… and gave me a good chuckle, with… Click here on this “make a used car dealer website at DreamHost” link to set that up automatically. ;> … Hmmm… an new web business…!! NOT… BUT THANKS AGAIN… KENT