Help,what happen to my account?

#139494 “mamarat’s Account” (disabled) [rename]
Started: 2006-01-07
This Billing Cycle: 2006-01-07 thru 2006-02-06
You are rebilled on day 7 of each month (if you owe more than $9.23).
Balance: $0.00 [make payment]

Your Account Provides:

0 MB Disk (Grows 0 MB / week)
Used: 0 MB (NA% - Overage $.10/MB)
0 GB BW per Cycle (Grows 0 GB / week)
Used this Cycle: 0.0 GB (NA% - Overage: $0/GB)

I just buy the hosting for 1 year a few days ago,but it is gone now,what happen?

You’ll need to contact supoprt over this one. Also, you might check your support history to see if you got some kind of a message from support.

Just pick a site outage / emergency, and hopefully someone will get back to you quickly.


any body have that problem ever?


what do you think the problem is??

i have sent DH message about that,generally,how long it will take to solve this problem?

Shouldn’t take too long, depending on what you filled in on the form (eg, severity.)

Maybe your CC declined or something like that.

what do you mean CC?

Credit Card

I pay it by the paypay,and the money pay completed alreay.