Help ! what can i do now?

I have receivd a support mail from the staff of Dreamhost. but I really don`t know what have happend .

I havent login in my account for serveral days ... the website which was related in the email is not mine , I don t know who the site belong to , and the accounts jaogao ,jaogao2,jaogao3 is not mine too …

now I want to ask for what happend and what should i do now . thank you .

Reply from DreamHost (May 6th, 2007 - 15:06:00 / #11511277)
Subject: Message from support.

Your account has been disabled for violations of DreamHost’s Terms of
Service, particularly due to a complaint we received regarding one of
your domains being used to launch code injection attacks via the
following URL:

Which includes the code:

<?copy($_FILES[MyFile][tmp_name],$_FILES[MyFile][name]);exit;?> ----------------------------------------------

In addition, we’ve found that you have three active accounts - jaogao,
jaogao3, and jaogao5. This in itself is a violation of DreamHost’s Terms
of Service, which clearly state that we only allow one account per user.

Due to the above, as well as quite a bit of other suspicious activity I
am seeing under your domains, all three of your accounts have been
closed. You still own your domain registrations and may transfer those
to another registrar.


It’s possible that something on your site is referencing something from the firefox domain, which may put your users at risk.

You’re going to have to resolve this with support, since they’re the ones who have final decision and can dig around to see what’s really going on.

You may want to give the details to DH support. Tell them how you have problems. They should be alerted to improve the security

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Then I don’t see how any of this should be a problem - if you don’t own the domain, and none of the closed accounts are yours, DH actions terminating those accounts shouldn’t impact you at all. :wink:

Write support, and ask them to explain if you really don’t understand that email. I’d start by asking them why they mailed you, when none of those users are yours, and the domain in question is not yours…

Just out of curiosity, what problems are you finding with your account? Have any of your domains been disabled, or any of your users been terminated? I’m thinking there’s more to the story here… :open_mouth:

Have you given any account privileges to another user, or had your Control Panel login compromised?


Could be you had a support ticket in and they replied to the wrong ticket. I would just request an explanation.

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