Help!? Way out of my comfort zone

Hi gang,

I run a fun little mac blog at I bought the name from godaddy several months ago and set up the blog on the server. I just point go daddy’s name at wordpress. Well, on the advice of a friend I have now bought 2 years of dreamhost service and intend to move the wordpress blog along with the podcast feed to Dreamhost. I’d also like to use the excess space for some personal (hopefully secure) online storage and a variety of other things. For now, I’ll just be happy if I can more or less painlessly move the blog.

Problem is I have no idea where to even start this process. Any help is appreciated.

a little update…

I figured out how to one click install WP on my dreamhost account but I think I screwed things up by setting my dreamhost account as macsparky when I’ve already got pointed at the existing location. Every time I click on the address in the dreamhost wordpress robot email it takes me to the existing wordpress blog.

See… the thing is that your blog is hosted on a free server from wordpress. To move your existing blog over to dreamhost, you would need access to the database to be able to make a back-up. Ask the wordpress support if they can make a back up of your site. If not, you’re out of luck and you’ll have to do things the really hard way (copying and pasting your entries into a new wordpress installation).

That was the issue I had when I first had free blog hosting. When I moved to a new host, they wanted to charge a ridiculous amount for the back-up, but luckily I only had a dozen or so entries.


anyway, if you can get a backup of your site, you need to create a MySQL database on your dreamhost account. Just go to your panel and click on goodies, then go to manage mysql and create a hostname and then a database. Next you’d have export (transfer) the data from your backup into the new database, while modifying some things like the new database name, its new host, and username/password. after that, you upload everything to your new site through an FTP program.

That’s a really generalized version, and I’d be glad to go indepth, but you should ask first whether you can get a backup of your site or not.

You can look at the links below for support as well.


oh… you made a new blog then? if you’re starting fresh, that’s fine too, and you can just link your old site like some archive.

you can change where the domain points to. If your transferred the domain over to dreamhost, just go to your panel, click “Domains”, then “Manage Domains”, click on the domain, scroll down until you see “Redirect” and remove the redirect

Well I thought I’d spend a few days getting everything just right before turning the address onto the dreamhost site. In terms of my old domain, its just the user account at The snafu (probably the first of many) is that the dreamhost robot email that points me to admin the dreamhost wordpress admin panel takes me to the panel (the old location). I suspect this is because of the godaddy pointer. Does dreamhost give telephone support for the hopelessly clueless such as myself? can be exported to an xml file and hopefully imported into the dreamhost. Now if I could just figure out how to do it without turning off the old Macsparky while I figure it all out.

Is the answer to change my dreamhost domain name while I sort it all out?

Actually, it’s not quite that bad, as you can export your entries in WordPress, even from, and then import them into your new blog.

This function is built in to the WordPress software.


You will find a useful workaround for this situation in the DH wiki article on viewing your site before DNS changes.