Help wanted - announcement lists in Wordpress site



I have a wordpress site. I have started to move over my current subscribers to the NEW announcement list.

I love the way my site sends out the daily digest automatically once per day to all subscribers. With the annoucement list, my digest will no longer be sent out automatically. I would like to figure out (or PAY you!!) to do this for me. (Cron job? API) I’ve peeked at this stuff and I don’t know what I am looking at.

What would you charge to do this? (automate the getting of the daily digest to post to my members) Is this possible?

Has this topic been asked 100 times? Is there an answer somewhere that I’ve missed?

Thanks for any help you may give,
Blind old lady


I think you’re referring to RSS, right? Feedburner does a good job, in my opinion.


No, I have RSS on my site as well (only about 20 members signed up there), but my majority of members are actually subscribers on my site (700), They’ve subscribed using a double opt in then moved over to “subscribers” and then each day my site auto sends out an email with the “subscribe2” plugin.

My current host (this site is NOT currently hosted on Dreamhost) allows unlimited emails. They don’t allow unlimited bandwidth. Thats my real issue. Together dreamhost and my current host would meet both my needs, but separately they both have their short comings!

So, I would like to use the announcement list. With that I’d like my site to auto send the daily digest out to those 700+ members from the announcement list - without me logging into the panel to do so.


oh, i see. I haven’t kept up with the changes, but i think DH has an announcement list that will work for you:

combine that with a cron job and any necessary tweaks to your plugin (pointing it to the announce list to send emails) ought to work…


I use Mail Chimp with WordPress on a couple sites and it has been an dream. So much so that I dropped Feedburner for the most active site and have Mail Chimp handle both the RSS feed and the newsletters. Very easy to set up and customise, terrific integration with social networks. Could not be happier.
The free plan allows for send 12,000 emails per month to 2,000 subscribers, which suits us fine.
Take a look.


(not affiliated, it has just been a great experience over the last year or so.)