Help! Want to set up custom domain on Big Cartel


Hello. I am very new to all of this website managment so bear with me. We bought our domain name and have it hosted here with DreamHost ( Basically all we want to do is direct this to our new bigcartel site I’m stuck. I still have the coming soon page that says to delete the quickstart.html. I went in to the FTP (which I know nothing about) and went into windows explorer view since that is familiar and I deleted the quickstart.html and 2 other files that were in the directory. Now I don’t know what to do. When I go to our site, the coming soon page is still there. Please help. I didn’t think it would be this hard! :confused:
By the way, I also followed the instructions given by BigCartel to do this but it tells me there is a problem with my custom domain.


If you want to redirect your domain to another server, you have to point your DNS entries there.

Do you want DreamHost to host your files for schoolpridecharms, or leave the files on


Hiya! I just came across this post…I personally am having same issue, I want to leave files on BigCartel, not store them on a server. I just need a server so I can have my domain name in use. is this possible? thank you


You don’t need a sever with us to have the domain name, you can just register the domain name with us and use it on their site. They have directions here: