Help w webID

i manage a couple of different accounts so i set up a web id w privileges for both. but lost my password and can’t find out what email address i used to set it up. have tried every one i can think of. any way or where to view info for a web id without the password? or a way to get password having only webID?

I sincerely hope not! This would allow anyone with only your WEBID to access your account.

If you can’t remember the password or the email address used for the WEBID I think your only option is to contact DreamHost support and see if they can help you out.


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i was hoping for some elegant solution like i enter webID and ask for password and then the password is sent to the email i used to set up the acct. that would protect privacy i hope.

While that process might seem “elegant”, and is used pretty commonly around the web, it is really not very secure, particularly given how many users have their computers set up to “automagically” retrieve email via POP and IMAP clients using stored passwords, have their browsers “remember” the passwords for webmail interfaces, or leave themselves “logged in” to webmail throughout the day. :wink:


But how is that different from the way you get your password now by entering your email and having them send you the password? if only i could get to a page where it asks me the secret questions to retreive the password.

It’s only different in that you have to have that one additional piece of info, the correct email address - some of the risks are the same, but the extra required info goes one addtional step toward helping to ensure the authorized person is requesting the email.

No such system is truly secure; some are just more secure than others. From a pure security standpoint, the best solution is to remember your passwords, or to force offline authentication with a system administrator to arrange for a password reset.