Here’s what I’ve done:

  1. On 12/31/2007 signed up for DreamHost to host a domain registered at

  2. Once I received the DreamHost Account approval notification, I changed the DNS at to the DreamHost nameservers.

  3. I then initiated One-Click (WordPress) and received the successfully installed message.

  4. I tried to click on the link in the message I received, but it gave me a error page. I figured it was too soon after changing the DNS so I waited.

  5. After almost 24 hours, I went back to the email, clicked on the link to continue the process of One-Click and it linked successfully to set-up the Admin for WordPress. Since it was nearly 2 a.m., I logged off till I was more alert.

  6. I returned to DreamHost to work on building my site, and it gave me a error code.

  7. With the help of DreamHost support I flushed DNS, tracert, restarted computer…nothing works.

  8. I then deleted my “database” thinking I could start all over, but now all I keep getting is unsuccessfully loaded because there’s it’s not empty?

  9. Now when I link to my site, it’s an error message without the info.

  10. Now when I link from the original successful message, I get a Wordpress error message.

What should I do? I don’t mind starting all over again, and hoping it will work, but if I delete the domain then I forfeit my money?

Please help.

Thank you.


No, you can delete everything and start over again. One likely problem is that you might have trouble actually deleting all the files from the original install, but if that happens you can just either post here for advice or submit a support ticket and support will be able to delete all your files.

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