Help w/ making FTP account


I have a friend making a website and I offered some of my space on DH for him to use. I want to make an FTP account for him. I want to make it so he can only access his folder in my account and I also would like to put a disk limit on his folder. Could you explain how I can do this? Especially the part restricting access to all but his folder. Thank you!

His folder would be something like /home/myDHusername/hisfolder


If you create an FTP account specificly for him, the folder structure would look more like /home/ftpaccount/domain, rather than /home/youraccount/hisfolder as you’re expecting. If you want to do it the complicated way, though, you could set the domain name to point to your username, and then create a link from his account to that folder in yours. If you ask me, though, it might be easier to just set up that domain name (assuming he has one picked already) to point to the FTP user. That way anything he does will be in his own folder /home/ftpaccount/domain and leaving your files and things alone. Just a random suggestion, though.

As for setting a disk space limitation, you can do that right when you create the username.

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Thanks! Now I see what you mean by the folders. I always thought that I can only have 1 folder for my WebID…or something like that. So anytime I make a new FTP user, that user gets his own /home/USERNAME/ folder?

Now can I access that folder since it’s under my account? For example, if I have him type in the initial password, I probably don’t have access to it if I don’t know the pw, right?


If it’s put on the same server, then you can access it by either creating a user group and assign them the same access permissions, or just FTP into that account directly assuming he doesn’t change that username’s password. Otherwise, I’m afraid not. You’re limited to what you can do in the shell, though, as I’m not sure you can su to an account that’s FTP only, and then you still have to rely on the fact he hasn’t changed his password.

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