Help! Urgent!

I have a domain name that I registered with Misk, on a website hosted by an acquaintance that somehow involves DreamHost, and I set up the site myself with Wordpress, which the acquaintance installed on the site for me. When I checked the email associated with the website, there was a notice saying that my website was going to expire if I didn’t go to a certain address on the internet. When I went to that site, my browser (old computer) said that the security wasn’t good enough to load the site. I can’t reach my friend. It is true that my domain name expires in March 2017, but I went to the Misk site, paid the money, and renewed it. I am fuzzy on what is involved with creating and maintaining a website because the acquaintaance always did that for me in the past. Do I owe DreamHost money? How can I pay that money? When I tried to go to the site on a different computer, I got a message saying the site was down. Help! Am I going to lose my website tomorrow? I am an artist and that would be a disaster.


It might be helpful if you actually named your website url, as well as the “certain address on the internet” you went to. As it is now, your query is almost impossible for anyone to provide useful advice to.

The company wanting money is I am wondering if this is spam or not. If I have renewed my domain name, I shouldn’t have to pay more money, should I?

It’s likely advertising.

I have a few domains that have my name and address in the registration info (not privacy guard). I even get snail mail offers that look like domain registration bills.

Go to a WHOIS look up such as: and check your expiration date that way.

Thank you! I did as you suggested and my domain doesn’t expire for years. So - advertisement I guess. Phew!!!