Help Uploading website

I have signed up for DreamHost and created my blog with WordPress. Now I am totally lost when it comes to the FTP part. I followed the directions on the email, and it’s not working. I am SO lost. I’m using a Mac. How do I get my blog up on the web? Thanks so much!!

There isn’t much, if anything, to upload if you set up WordPress through the panel here. The directions usually tell you to log in as the admin and start working on your site. The email should also have links to your site. What happens if you type in the URL for your site into your web browser?

It has the “Coming Soon” page by DreamHost. Then it gives me links to faq’s for uploading my site. That’s what i’m not really getting. How do I upload my site if it’s in WordPress? It should just activate, right? I’m SO confused and frustrated. Everything looks great and I can post on the blog using WP, just won’t show on the web - only the coming soon page shows. Any thoughts?

Do you have a developed WordPress site and corresponding database ready to go?

If yes, use some FTP program and upload your files. You’ll FTP to (your domain name) and see an folder there. Go into that folder and upload all of your content. If you have a database dump, go back to that first directory you saw and upload your database file there.

If no, use the One-Click Custom (formerly “Advanced”) Mode installation. Yes, this is the really easy to install WordPress here.