Help uploading website- server issues


Currently trying to upload my portfolio to and having some issues…

Firstly, when i try and visit the webpage an error message shows up “server not found”. When i originally registered with DH I used to get a default “coming soon” DH image but this stopped showing after a few hours. I thought this might be because I only registered a name and did not register hosting but according to my account details I have both. I originally used the temporary server name which allows me access to the site files, but when i try to my actual server name the FTP cannot not connect to the server.

Originally i used a wordpress blog to fill the space and changed the DNS names on my DH account which worked fine. I have since changed the DNS back to upload my new site and the site does not work.

Any help would be appreciated as this is my first site and I am struggling to figure this out :slight_smile:



Go to the panel and click on Manage Domains. See if it’s listed there, and that it’s showing as “Fully Hosted.” If it is there as Fully Hosted, click Edit and skim the settings just to be sure. Click “Change Settings” to refresh the system. Yes, you didn’t change anything, but it updates the servers just in case.

The WHOIS info does show that it’s configured to use the DreamHost DNS servers, but nothing comes up on a host lookup which leads me to believe that the website (Fully Hosted Domain) got deleted.

Thanks for the quick response!

Doesn’t show ‘fully hosted’ anywhere. Below ‘web hosting’ it has ‘dns’.

Under ‘manage account’ it show that I have one hosting plan starting 2010.08.16 and one domain It said two week trial period… but perhaps it doesnt fully host untill first payment has been made?


Hmm. Never try with trial account before.

Did you register the domain with your trial account? I hope you understand that you may not be able to cancel domain registration when trial period ends.

It looks as though something kept DNS records from being generated for your domain. I’ve fixed that up for you now, and the domain should start working shortly.

Thanks for the help guys!

Site seem to be up and running at the moment… well bits of it anyway, but that’s a start!