Help uploading site!

I’m trying to setting a website online on dreamhost, but I cannot see it on the browser, if a type the URL appears the “site coming soon…” light blue page, instead of the index.html I’ve uploaded.
I’ve uploaded all files included index.html to folder by smartFTP.
I’ve registered about 3 weeks ago, please let me know what I’m doing wrong, I’m used to upload to free servers but this is my first time setting a paid hosting.

Don’t be shy, what’s the actual URL of your site?

It sounds like you’ve done everything right. I see that you registered it 3 weeks ago. How long ago did you create your Fully Hosted Domain in the panel?

To be honest, that “site coming soon…” doesn’t sound familiar here. I think you’d get a 404 if you had no content.


thanks for replying!
The problem was that!!
thank you very much sdayman!