Help uploading dreamweaver site

i just remade my website on dreamweaver and tried to upload it onto the same ftp server ive been using for my old site, but now im getting a 404 message every time i try and load the page. im using the same url as the old website and im completely lost at what ive done wrong here…i cant even get my index.html page up, although dreamweaver says that i am logged into the server. i deleted all my old files from the ftp and uploaded all the new ones. any ideas of what i can do to fix this? please help!!

My guess is that your files are probably being uploaded the your home folder, and not your domain folder. In other words, they are not being properly uploaded. See this link to learn how to properly set up Dreamweaver to work with DreamHost.

dreamweaver says that i am connected to the server though, and when i test the connection it says it was successful. i just can seem to open any of the pages online.[hr]
im new to all this, so here are some things i feel might be a problem:

-all pages are page.htm, except index which is index.html
-some of the dreamweaver file icons are safari, some are dreamweaver logo…does this make any difference? why would they be different?

You are connected. You are just putting your files in the wrong place. It’s like being logged into a computer, but putting the files in the wrong folder. Make sure the “Host directory:”, or “What Folder on the server do you want to store your files in?” field is set to your domain name (without a www.) and a forward slash after it, like[hr]

The file names and icons are normal and should not affect your site.

(sorry if im being totally stupid here)

im pretty sure i did that. heres what ive got:

the folder on my desktop with all dreamweaver files is WEBSITE. i can fully connect to server and drag this folder into the folder STASHVAMPS.COM which is on my ftp server, and i have listed STASHVAMPS.COM/ as my server folder. this is how i previously worked on my website through the same folder (i just deleted all the old files off the server). i feel like the problem is how i named my desktop folder?

It looks like your hosting is not set up right for that domain. From what little I can tell. you may have deleted your domain folder by mistake. Please go to:

And remove and re add hosting.

Wait about 5 minutes for this to complete.

WARNING: This will delete all files on that domain. But, because you are uploading a new site, it should not matter anyway right?

Then, try uploading again. Do not drag the website folder. Rather, select and drag all of the files inside the website folder to upload them.

Let me know if that works. If not, we can do more troubleshooting. I should be able to reply right away, I have subscribed to this thread.

wow. that totally worked!! you are genius. thank you so much, i never would have figured that out…i didnt realise there was a server folder from dreamhost, which i deleted before uploading the new site. YES!!

You’re welcome! I’m glad I could help. If you have any other questions in the future, DreamHost does have a great wiki; and of there are course plenty of helpful peers and DH employees on this forum :slight_smile: