Help unlocking my domain

Hi guys, I created a website for a friend using dreamhost, while I was away the hosting ran out (which is my own fault) but the guy went and bought his own hosting. Now the new hosts say I need my domain unlocked - does this mean unlocking my URL? how can I get dreamhost to unlock it? as I can no longer login as my subscription has ran out.

Any help would be grateful, thanks.

If you can’t log in to Panel you can contact DreamHost via their contact form:

Some notes to consider can be found in the Wiki:

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It sounds like the hosting plan ran out, but not necessarily the domain registration. Is your domain registered here? If so, you still should be able to log into the panel here.

You would have to unlock the domain registration at your registrar and get the authorization code for someone to request a transfer. Oh, and turn off the anonymizer (proxy registration) as well.