Help Understanding User Accounts

I want to be able to have a user or even 2 or 3 users have ftp access to directories on my domain to upload content which is fully visible on the web… essentially I run a live forum these users are my moderators and run forums for quizes and games which they need to be able to store images and sound clips that they can post on the board as the quiz content.

Members supply us with the pics and we then host them for the duration of the quiz… I successfully added a new user account and we can ftp into it but nothing uploaded into that directory shows up on the web… I have tried remapping a directory from my domain to that users account but the directory I remapped isnt showing when he connects via ftp.

What am I doing wrong?

Whoever solves this increasingly common need easily and without sharing logins is going to get a lot of hosting business. Personally I use a file manager (Invision Power File Manager) to create ‘target’ directories for collaborators within an established directory tree, but it is a pain. I managed to use a symlink to add second directory for one contributor, but a panel-based solution would rock.