Help unburden email server


I have about 11 different email accounts to keep track of, and at times, I often would forget to go into my outlook express and “Switch Uses” and go to the various emails. I have found a much simpler way and I believe it will help to un burden the servers. I was reading that there were so many messages in Que that the server was having great difficulty keeping up. Probably the reason for so many in Que is that the email is not getting removed from the server enough. Kind of like overdoing a septic system until it backs up. Then everyone is up S***T creek.

I use a simple program called Pop Peeper that checks whoever accounts I want it to on a schedule. I can X any messages and next time it checks those messages are removed from the server. The regular emails are there until I open up my email client and retrieve them. All this program does is retrieve them, let me take a look at them and mark them for deletion if I want. Oh, and I can reply, forward or send mail from it as well. Pretty slick program for free, and if you like it, you can donate to the author.

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Change your mail client to thunderbird… set it to use global folder or keep your 11 accounts separated, each configurable, also you can config the pop to leave mail on server for say 3 days and then delete…

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Your analysis of the problem is wrong.

The “queue” does not fill up due to people not checking their mail. By the time a mail hits a user’s mailbox, the damage is already done (i.e. the antivirus, antispam checks, etc.)

It really does not matter whether you have 1 message or 100 messages in your mailbox; any new email coming in will use up a lot of cpu resources for scanning. By the time that scanning is done (and it’s only done when the mail is accepted by the system, not when you go and check it), whether or not it stays in the system is really negligible.

As for checking your mail regularly : an argument might be made that checking the mail account more than is necessary actually burdens the servers more than somebody just checking every 3 weeks would, even if a lot of messages pile up.

The program you are referencing is useful, sure, but all it does is increase the load on mail servers.