Help, Unable to login (cannot contact via form)

Tech Support

Hi -

I am unable to login to my Dreamhost account to make a payment. The authorization e-mail is not being sent and the contact us form is hanging when hitting submit, I have tried multiple devices.

Can you please PM me and help me resolve this issue?


Hi there,

Thank you for contacting us for help!

We apologize for the frustration today as both the contact form and email auto responder and being worked on. Our contact form is now working correctly please select the “i can’t login” or “other” options, include an email you have access to and our verification team will assist further,

Matt C


I have contacted them via the web form now, how long before I get a response? I really need to get this e-mail and website running right away for professional reasons.

@seekIT usually DreamHost support responds within 24 hours. What’s the ticket number? From the forums we can’t see your support history. The ticket number starts with 7, if we have that we can nudge our colleagues.

Or, you can describe a bit more what the issue is on this forum and we may be able to give you some suggestions for you to fix things yourselves.

Thank you for the response, they have sent me an e-mail clarifying the issue your servers were experiencing and I have now resolved the problem.