HELP! Trouble with set up. Please help

Hi, I’ve just set up my DH account and chose to use gmail for my email account with them. Heres where the challenge begins. The email account is not receiving any emails?? In the setting up you can also have another email account other than this through DH where your emails are forwarded to. All trial emails that I have sent have been received at the second address but not the one set up through DH. What do I need to do? Any help is appreciated.
Also, how do I get back into the email account? I have closed down the page and when I go to Google to open up to see if there any any emails it doesn’t recognise the email account I set up with DH.??
Really appreciate your replies.

I’m a little lost with your description of the problem.

If you’re looking for your google email login its

But, if you have selected to have google host your email through the dreamhost panel, dreamhost will automatically make --> to that google address.

Also, if you have google mail setup properly, the dreamhost panel regarding mail delivery isn’t applicable for any of this discussion.

So if dreamhost is “forwarding” some inbound mail, you don’t have google setup properly in your dreamhost account.

Hi, That all sounds really complicated. I originally set up my account in DH. It asked if I wanted to use gmail. I said yes. I then set up an email address with DH as A google email page then came up with inbox, etc just the same as any other google email page. It also asked if I wanted to forward all emails to another email address too and I said yes. Then when we tested them by sending emails, nothing arrived at but they arrived at the second email address!? Its impossible now to open up the initial ‘google’ page for so goodness knows what that was all about.
I’ve now been told that the emails to can be found inside the DH site at squirral mail.
Hope that makes sense. Thank you for trying to help.

Well, here’s the way I see it in my panel.

I host a few clients with google mail, and in my panel under “Manage Email” at the bottom of that page there is a section that says… “Gmail-Managed Domains” which includes the domains that are hosted by gmail.

If dreamhost is forwarding mail, you can probably be sure that it’s not setup properly to allow gmail to handle the email at all.

To make sure you’ve done this:

Domains > Manage Domains.

Select the domain that is in question. In the “Web Hosting” section click the “Edit” button.

I have a domain that is “Fully Hosted” by Dreamhost, except the email. So in the “Fully Hosted” area, I have setup the directory that I want the domain to render /example/

Then a few sections down from that, I have “checked” the box for… “Google Apps” and/or “GMail”.

Make sure that box is checked by gmail. Because once you do that, dreamhost will change your DNS records to reflext an MX (Mail Exchange) record that will send ALL of your email to google (which shouldn’t allow dreamhost to forward the mail sent to a specific address, that would need to be done inside the gmail control panel).

It will also allow you to go to which will take you to the gmail login

I really hope this helps you, and if you need any thing further, feel free to contact me off the board, and I can walk you through some things via IM

qbx (@) wiredinter (.) net

Thats great. Thanks for your help. I’ll check it out.

How did that work out for you?