Help Transferring from old host


Hi , I’m going to be purchasing hosting with you guys within a few days. But I’m worried and clueless as to how I transfer my sites files and everything from my current host. As well as saving backups for my mysql databases and this is all worrying me.

This is all new to me and id be very grateful for any help or if you could point me into the direction where I can read up on it. Tutorials , anything newbfriendly.


If your current host uses cPanel,
You can create a home_dir back-up, Login to SSH and untar it to the directory the same name as your domain.
I don’t know anything about SSH,
So I download a full-backup
Use this to untar it.
Open homedir/public_html and upload the stuff to the directory with the same name as your domain (via FTP)
Create new database(s) in the web panel.
The previous MySQL databases and table information is in the mysql folder of the backup.
You can login to phpMyAdmin and run the queries.
Then you have to edit the config files of the scripts to match the new MySQL information.

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I’m new to DreamHost as well, and am having a very hard time figuring out how I’m supposed to login to phpMyAdmin on the DreamHost server for my account.

Can you tell me where to do that? I know how to use phpMyAdmin, just not having any luck gaining access to it.

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You should be able to access phpmyadmin from from the host name you set up when creating the database. Something like



It won’t let me access it there. It keeps telling me that it can’t access the page or whatever.

I’m using Firefox, and I’ve tried it on IE7, as well.

Neither work. Am I doing something wrong?

Is it or is it something else?

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There seems to be some lingering issues from teh DNS server issue - that would normally bring up phpmyadmin for you. It will probably begin working in a couple of days. You scripts should be able to access the database through the normal methods though.

The user Tjc sigguests this:

"As for getting to phpMyAdmin before that. Try this… (it has worked for me in the past)


For example: "



That helped me out more than you know!! Thanks a lot!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes I use cPanel . How exactly do I create a home_dir back-up , and I don’t even know what SSH is.
I appreciate your help , I’m just real new to this and just don’t understand. Can you elaborate anymore? Thank you for the help.


I keep trying to delete folders in my FTP but it wont delete them , only the content inside. Anyone know how I can fix this or why its doing it? Also does anyone know if we need a Public_html folder ?


What software and or commands are you using to try and delete the folders and which folders are you trying to delete?

You don’t need apublic_html folder as your root files for your domain start from under your username. e.g. /home/user1234
(you may see /home/.foldername/user1234 but igmore the .foldername when giving a pathname)

Of course if you want a public_html folder there is nothing stopping you from creating one.



Many FTP prgram won’t delete directores with files in them with default settings. You’ll need to figure out how to enable deleting full directories for your FTP program, and then you should work.

Also, you can think of the folder in your FTP space as public_html for that domain. What’s nice about the system dreamhost uses is that’s it’s easy for one user to manage several seperate domains.



“Also, you can think of the folder in your FTP space as public_html for that domain.”

I’m starting to get it, I think. This actually makes logical sense.

However, please accept my apologies, I come from a world where user directories are always /home/login and web files go into /home/login/public_html. There is another thread somewhere about using modrewrite to allow the use of public_html, but there is a great deal of noise about how “lame” is.

I’m unsure in the context of DH how to give user2 FTP access to a user-style directory that would be accessible via the web at instead of having to create

I created the following symlink, but I’m not totally convinced this is the way DH would prefer that I accomplish this…? (It obviously would not work if user1 and user2 were on different hosts and NFS was not available.)

[jurupa]$ pwd
[jurupa]$ ln -s /home/user2/public_html ~user2

where is already established via the web interface.

Does this query even make sense?

(For those who come along later, the \ (backslash) is important, because you need to escape the ~ character. Otherwise the shell assumes that ~user2 means “the home directory of user2”)

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