Help: transfer current WordPress blog to Dreamhost




Currently, I have a Wordpress blog hosted by WordPress. I already built the content. Now, I need to move it to Dreamhost. I searched online but couldn’t find any helpful information on how to migrate the site to Dreamhost.

Could anyone direct me to the right place to look?

Thanks a million!


Have you seen this yet?

It’s fairly similar to the process that I had to follow when migrating mine from Go Daddy.

I did a quick Google search to see if there were any guides that may be more detailed, but most are more than a year old, so I’m hesitant to post them as I don’t know if the directions are still valid.

Best of luck!


If your current blog is hosted at and you do not have access to the server, you may have better luck exporting your current site using the WordPress dashboard’s export tools and importing into a fresh copy of WordPress.

Info from about Exporting your content:

Quicky instructions, Exporting/Importing your Blog:

Set up your Dreamhost account and domain, install WordPress on it via DH One-Click installer or manually.
Following the instructions from (above), create your export file. Do not remove your old blog yet.
Go into your new blog dashboard.
Find and activate the theme you are using for your current blog in your new blog.
Import the file created by the WordPress exporter. (Tools > Import)
Make sure you check import images if you have images in your blog so WP brings them over, too!!
Assuming you checked all, you’ll have all your posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, and tags.
You will still have to re-connect your menus and reset widgets and install plug-ins you are using but you’ll have your content and full access to your new blog.

Hope this helps!


Thanks so much for your reply! This makes sense. So sounds like these is the steps I should take:

  1. Export the content from WordPress
  2. Build from scratch into DreamHost (I do have a question: where I should go to preview the site?)
  3. Relink web address to have it point to DreamHost instead of Wordpress. (Could you please share any instruction on how to do it? )

Thanks so much for helping me out. I have been searching YouTube, Google, etc for answers for a few days already. Should have come to this forum first.

Thanks a million!

Thanks for your reply. I did look at this link. My problem is that I currently host my blog on Wordpress so I can’t access to their cPanel. So it is very difficult to do the migration. :frowning:


Holy crap - looks like I’ve done it! Thanks for all your advice! Just seems to be taking forever to import all the old xml file info? - Is this usual?


Depends on the size of the XML file (and how many images you have). It took about 5 minutes for a 10k page site, with lots of images, and usually only takes about 1 minute for 100 pages with some images.


Dreamhost support thai language ,right?


Yes :slight_smile:


Well, inasmuch as we can host web sites written in the Thai language, or under the .th top-level domain, yes. All customer communications and support are in English, though.