Help: Toupble "Opening" PHPbb Files

I am trying to build a bulletin board for one the the sites I am developing. I have sucessfully uploaded the PHPbb files to my website. Per instructions received in the movie regarding the installation of PHPbb, my next step is to open the config.php file and change CHMOD. When I click on the config.php file to open it, it attempts to open it as a Picture It file, and the open fails. I used WS_FTP to upload the files and in my attempt to open config file for editing.

Any suggestions as to how I can make this work correctly so that I can proceed with the installation? Any help provided would be MOST appreciated.

you have to set the permissions in WS_FTP

here is a tutorial on how to CHMOD in WS_FTP.


Well, that doesn’t seem to work. Right clicking on the scripts desired does NOT product the list of options as shown in to tutorial. These are Picture It files which do not appear to be editable.

Is there some other source for these files that actually provides them in a form that is editable?

well, according to the phpbb forum, when this has happened, it has meant that the host does not support php, which dreamhost does. You could try to add your question to the phpbb forum, they would most likely be of some help.

or try right clicking on the files and open up with notepad.