Help - Too Much Email!

Okay, so here’s the deal. I’ve had a catch-all email account that’s been up for quite sometime, maybe a year. Big mistake, I know this now, and I never really checked it. So today I decided to login to my webmail and I had 6804 new messages, all spam. I couldn’t even really log in because the webmail client would keep timing out.

So I set up an imap account in Outlook Express and downloaded all of the messages so I could delete them. After killing off a lot of viruses (thanks, Avast), I finally had them all downloaded. Well, when I tried to delete them, the imap connection would time out. Understandable, so I tried to just delete one at a time with the same results.

Next I deleted the entire account, thinking this would delete all the mail. But created a new account with the same login and now all the messages are back. I like my old login and I don’t want some random one like m2451634, but I don’t like having 265mb of spam either.

So how in the heck do I solve this? I just want all the spam in my mailbox deleted, but the problem is the timeout, I guess because it’s so crowded.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Here’s an idea go to webmail.yourdomain.whatever. Replace the latter part as i don’t know your webaddress. Below the login is a link to change settings. Scroll down a way and change:
remove read messages from inbox older than 1 day
mark even expire new messages
Now update settings
Hopefully tomorrow your mailbox will be empty or almost empty. Plus now it should no longer have any more than 250(I think that is default) messages unless you change that as well.
If this does not work, then contact support and they can delete the files for you. I think it is possible to do it your self as they are stored in a directory accessible via ftp, but that is something I don’t have enough knowledge about.

[quote]I think it is possible to do it your self as they are stored in a directory accessible via ftp


E-mails are stored in a folder called maildir - ‘Cur’ and ‘New’ that is accessable from FTP or shell. Just log in with the associated user name.


Thanks for your help, both of you. I did the expiration trick and it’s already starting to go down. If it’s not all gone within the next few days, I’ll just ftp in.