Help to wipe site for new wordpress install

Dear all,

Thank you for considering my plea for help.

For some time I operated a blog at my url at the /blog address. It was at this same address that I installed wordpress.

I now want to install word press at the root site as the full website not just the blog.

I have backed up the blog contents and thought to then delete and reinstall wordpress at the root. When I try to do this I cannot seem to delete the previous folders on the site and when I try the one-click install at the root of my site I have the fault that word press cannot install as follows:

The problem was directory /home/XXX/ is not empty! Please re-install, specifying an empty (or new) directory.

Any tips on how I can clear out the directory to start afresh?

All help is very welcome!

Thank you,

Ky Nichol

If you go to the one-click installer - - and click on ‘Manage Installed Applications’ then you can see all your installed apps. If you expand them, you’ll see a ‘delete all files’ options. Click that and it will delete all the files in that folder.

Be careful! If you have anything else in that folder, it nukes that too!

Thanks for the suggestion. I have tried that and the folders are still there. In the ‘Manage Installed Applications’ area there is no reference to the site I am attempting to amend?? I can however still see the folders using FTP.

All help gratefully received thanks.

Are you familiar with SSH? If so, you can login through SSH and run the commands:

Meaning you would want to use something like /home/username/

If not, lemme know. If you want, you can also PM me and send me an email through your support panel and I can remove the files you need.

Hi Voeltz thank you for your kind offer. I tried to PM you but got the message that I am restricted from doing that? The site of mine that I want to wipe and start afresh is I have backed up all the files on the site and am happy that you remove all other files from that domain so I can start the wordpress install afresh.



I am trying to do this same thing!

Hi, if its not possible to do this via PM can you let me know how to use SSH - I have not heard of it previously - all help is very much appreciated - I am stuck!



Just login via SFTP and delete the files.

Tried that… downloaded WinSCP and attempted to delete the files. No luck got a ‘permission denied’ on the first java script file that it encountered.

Any other thoughts?

I am using the correct user name and password provided that should have the rights to do this.

What are the permissions of the file and the directory the file is in? What user is listed as the owner of both file and its directory?

kynichol - There are two folders out there on that domain, blog.old and blog.old2

I moved them both out to /home/user/ so they’re out of the way but available if you want them back.

The permissions and ownerships were actually fine, which is very strange. I downloaded the files locally to see if anything jumped out, but it all looks normal.