Help to set a domain

hi, i’ve just registred a hosting dreamhost and with them i’ve registred a domain, i’ve another domain (under godaddy) which i want to point to dreamhost.
can someone help me please?
under godaddy i’ve set:

and under the total dns control i’ve set:
A (Host)
Host Points To

CNAMES (Aliases)
Host Points To

is it right? or i’ve to delete that A?

If you want to fully manage the additional (godaddy) domain at dreamhost, you should set the namservers for that domain to:

Then you can fully manage the domain here at DreamHost - host, mail, subdomain, the whole nine yards.

There are other options as well that would enable you to manage the domain at godaddy yet still host at DreamHost, but the method above is the easiest, in my opinion.

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I also have domain in godaddy

Just point the dns in total dns control to

then create domain in your dreamhost panel with your site name. It will take hours to days to propagate on the internet. For me I think 2 days before it shows my site.

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That should be in the nameservers section, not the “A records” section. You’re setting DNS to point at Dreamhost so that Dreamhost can respond to that domain.

– Dan