Help to restore a website backup

Hi All,

Back in 2014 I created a message board and hosted it on dreamhost. I never really took it live and eventually took it all down and made a backup file of the website back in the beginning of 2015. Well I want to put it back up and am having some problems. I know I had all this figured out back when I first did it in 2014 but I’ve since forgotten. My website is When I unzipped the .tar backup I had a folder which is named my usernamw from my old site(I’m still using that name) and inside that is the the folder along with documentation, logs, and maildir folder. Then theres some .alias, .bashrc, .cshrc files. It’s my understanding that I need to upload the contents of that folder to my new home/username/ directory using ftp. I did that using filezilla. However my website is not showing up. It just says “site not found” when I put in the address. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong or have missed some step. Any helpwould be appreciated. Thanks!

Make sure your folder permissions are set to 755 and the file permissions are set to 644.