Help to Create a second blog on MT


I’m brand new on MT and dreamhost. What do I need to do on dreamhost to start a new blog. Do I have to open a new directorie or something like that and if yes how do I do it?. I’m kind of lost. Thancks for helping me


Hi Frederic,

I’m making some assumptions here. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Even though you’re brand new on Dreamhost, I’m assuming you have (or will) install MT on Dreamhost. (You may still have your “old” host and want to keep MT there, too. It all depends on how you want to do it.)

In my case, my MT software is installed on Dreamhost “once”. From there, I have created several blogs. I have several blogs spread over several domains and some blogs over several directories within the installed software domain.

Some examples:

Where MT is installed:
writes to domain1/mtblog/

Blog #2 to
Blog #3 is

If your intention is like mine of only installing Movable Type itself once you’ll Login to MT, “press Create New Blog” and follow instructions there…

To create a new directory (if you have a single domain and thats what you want), I use WS_FTP and login to my domain webspace. I then click on MkDir and type the new directory name.

When you post to your blog, you’ll use the same way you post to blog #1, but select blog #2 as your “New Entry”.

This will hopefully get you started. If not, describe exactly how you’d like it to work (multiple domains or not, multiple directories or not, PC or Mac program to upload, MT installed on Dreamhost or elsewhere, etc.) and I or someone else here will be more than happy to help.

If you like you could even give specific domain names and directories and I can give you “exact” type this here type of instructions.

Welcome to Dreamhost. :slight_smile:


Hey,thancks you so much i really appreciate all the infos i’ll try that right away



Thanck for your reply last time, it was a great help at least to get started but i didn’t succeed to open my second blog.
i realize my knowlege is very (very) limited about dreamhost and MT and i thinck i need more a step by step help.
So, here we are: i download WS_FTP but its not clear how i should use it to create a new directory and also how I link it with mt.
also when i press “create a second blog” on mt what i should put in local path and so on. Do i have to do something with cgi?
my MT is installed on dreamhost. I have a pc.
I would like to open a new blog on my subdomain which is called

If you want more infos, just tell me. Any help will be great. Thancks



You bet! And you’re in luck. A massive ice storm has descended on our region knocking my power out at home. Got hot water, but no heat.

So here I am monitoring our systems deep in the bowels of a federally chartered credit union. We’ve been doing great throughout the weekend.

What’s that mean to you? I’m bored and have nothing to do. (Which is a very good thing.) So I’ll do some screen shots of creating a second blog and upload. Happy to do it.

I’ll post the location once its up.


Thanck you so so much!!!


Sorry for the delayed response.

I’ve uploaded 4 images.
Go to:
and click on the filenames to view.

Image 1 is the Movable Type Config Screen. Where I have jimspics (the ftp user I signed up with) you’ll want your username. Where I have you’ll want your subdomain name. The workdfcu part is an option. (I have my mt blogs in separate folders…hence the need for me to make a folder workdfcu in this case.)

Note in the browser address window the:
That is where my movable type is installed and what I do to login. (I only have MT installed once; no matter how many blogs or locations.) For instance, one of my blogs is at where there is no subdirectory…just published in the “main” space. But to post to it…I still go to, etc. and login and select blog.

The Local Archive path is chopped off…it simply says archives where all you see is arch

Screen shot 2 is when I clicked on MkDir, I typed in workdfcu in the box and clicked ok to create that directory. (It was already out there in this case.)

Screen shot 3 I highlighted a file (folder in this case), then right clicked on mouse to see what you see. Note that Chmod is highlighted. I clicked on that and the result is the permissions in Screen Shot 4.

Sorry for the large file sizes. These are “raw” screenshots, unedited. (My software to do so is at home and still no power from the ice storm.)

Feel free to post any followups.


Thancks Jim. I just got that today, i’ll try right away.



Cool, I’m standing by inside a credit union in SE Ohio. :slight_smile:

Actually sitting.

If I can help further, let me know.


hi Jim,

I did everything according to what you said. I opened a new file (french) with ws_ftp on my sub domain ( and set everything on mt. But when i rebuilt, it gaves me this message:

Writing to ‘/home/tbb/’ failed: Opening local file ‘/home/tbb/’ failed: No such file or directory

Any imput?

Thancks Frederic

Hi Frederic,

I went to and saw “Parent Directory” where I should have either been presented with your “start page” (index.html, etc.) or at least seen your new directory “french”.

So, just guessing, I’d say that the directory “french” was created one level above where it needs to be (or installed in a wrong domain/directory entirely.) So, when you login to ftp do you see on the right hand side of ws_ftp? If so, do you see french there? (If it is, it needs to be inside the directory.)

So, assuming you see in the previous step and irregardless of whether you saw french there or not, left double-click on the “folder/directory” and MkDir french there.

Now, the only other bit of weirdness is the “” filename, but I’ll bet MT knows what its doing in naming it.

Keep your settings the same and try those items and try rebuilding. It will probably work. (If it doesn’t check the contents/spelling of all your entries in the config screen.) If you like you can email the contents of that screen to me at

Hang in there. I’d say you’re very close.