Help! The "forgot password?" link isn't working!

I somehow forgot to write down my new password after that whole security breach thing a while back, and I was logged off the control panel this morning. I figured I’d just click the “forgot password?” link and be ok (but still kind of stupid for not writing it down in the first place). Alas, the link doesn’t work. The page reloads, with no friendly helpful note about sending a new temporary password to me.

And I can’t contact customer support, because they require you to login to do that!

What can I do? Please help!

(Note, I can still get into my FTP and stats pages with my presets, which means that I’m not super screwed yet…)

(Also note, the “forgot password?” link IS working for this forum.)


Try clearing your browser cache and your DH related cookies, and then browsing to Works like a charm for me! :wink:


Well, I did try shutting down my computer and then clearing the cache. I was afraid to clear the cookies, since they seemed to be the one thing that was at least letting me into some things (with the saved passwords), though that may be in a different storage space (is there a separate “password” location in Firefox that isn’t linked to cookies?).

Anyway, the link still didn’t work, but I tried using a different login name (my Dreamhost generated 6 letter name, instead of my account name or my email address, and the password autofilled and let me into my control panel, where I immediately changed my password to one I wrote down!

So, at least something worked. I don’t know why my email address didn’t work for the login though…


The “saved passwords” is a different mechanism altogether than using cookies to “remember” state. :wink:

Hey, they say all’s well that ends well; I’m glad you got in! :slight_smile: