Help SSH and WinSCP driveme crazy

We need to use SSH to handly large files 750 MB an more of videos files.
WinSCP work Ok except we can’t find the URL ( http access ).

WinSCP say:
For example if your file is stored in path /home/user/public_html/folder/img.gif on server, the URL can be But it can also be in completely different path or even on different server. WinSCP cannot know this.

In our case we have something like this in WinSCP:

.steward : No idea
exter01lm : ssh user
Videos : directory

We try diferent URL access for regular http without result.

Any help please.

That file will probably not be accessible by http. You will probably have one or more domain directories in your home folder. Typically named yourdomain.tld. I you don’t have that you will have to add your domain in the control panel.

Put the file in that directory and it will be accessible by http.