Help! Site Not Showing

I understand it takes a while for the site to propagate through the system. My site is I have transfered this site name to DH about 24 hours ago. I would have thought that I would see the old site at the old location until the new site hosted by DH would apprear. I am getting parent directory only, as if there were nothing in it, I believe it is pointing at DH because webmail is working. My directory is at the same level as my other domains.
Any thoughts as how to proceed.

on the Web Admin Panel, go to Domains -> Web and look up - is the Status ‘active’ or ‘changed’ ? If ‘active’, click on Edit. Write down what you have on that page for “Web Directory”. It should look something like /home/username/

Make sure the username selected is the same one that you are using to log into FTP with. Then login to FTP and check to make sure you uploaded the files to that directory. If the username and the directory check out, and the status is ‘active’, I’d contact support. If it was ‘changed’, it takes some time before it becomes ‘active’, and it should be working once its ‘active’.

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Thanks Atropos7. My ftp logon was indeed different! I created a user for the site, but because I am the site owner I thought I would see the site in my subdirectory. Logging on as the user made sense. It is up and running fine now.