Help Signing Up..?

I’ve been trying to sign up for about 2 weeks now. Got 2 replys so far but am unable to sign up with dreamhost. Perhaps someone may be able to help shed some light on this situation?

Our domain name is and we’re registered with network solutions. We are hosted through Dell right now, but want to switch to dreamhost cause we like the features. The only thing dell has one up on is 24/7 phone support. But I’ve only used that once.

For some reason Dreamhost is unable to accept us cause our website begins with a number? or maybe we can’t register through dreamhost? Since we’re already registered through network solutions, is there a way that we can host our site with them without having to forward from Dell? I’m not too computer savy, but I do know a little.

I’m trying to get our new site up and running before I head on christmas holliday, and I don’t want to have to look elsewhere. I’m hoping that Dreamhost will work cause they seem to have all the things we’re looking for. If anyone is able to help in this feel free to email me.


Chris James

There’s another thread here about that, somewhere… Anyway, it seems that you can host a site here that starts with a number (I do), but can’t register it here through their registrar.

Mine’s registered through – no problems with numbers.

Our system should allow domains that start with a number. I just double checked and the code explicitly allows it. I also tried test signing up with and didn’t get any errors.

Where exactly in the signup process do you get the error, and what does it say exactly? We’ll do our best to sort it out!


By system, do you mean the domain registration, hosting, or both? I have number domains here too, but they were already registered before hosting them.

I figured “Anonymous” was having trouble registering the domain name. This is the thread I was referring to in my first post: