Help! signing up prob


I need some help. I went to sign up using a promo code, but didnt realise I needed a credit card to use it. I was planning on paying via paypal. I can pay with a credit card, just not today as I need to add some money to the account first (its a credit/debit visa) so wont be able to do that until next week now. But I already submitted the first page of the sign up. I’m sitting on the “credit card details” page now.

what do I do? can I cancel the sign up for now? will just closing the window do that?


You can safely close the web browser. Nothing will happen until you click the pay button on the second page. :cool:

Just close the windows.

You may not have to create a new login.

And anyway, if you don’t yet have an active plan, you can use a promo code.

Get [color=#CC0000]$97[/color] Off with promo code :[color=#6600CC]97USD[/color] :cool: use “moua” as referrer

thankyou! :slight_smile: