Help setting up AVG with Dreamhost Mail!

OK, I installed AVG Antivirus (Free edition) and it won’t let me check my mail on the dreamhost servers for some reason. Does anyone have AVG running, and are able to successfully check their Dreamhost Mail with it? I use Outlook Express to check all the mail. Also, it’s ONLY the dream host servers it can’t check. The error I get is this:

The server responded with an error. Account: ‘Matt MATDC’, Server:’. Protocol: POP3, Server Response: 'ERR AVG POP3 PROXY
Server: Cannot connect to the mail server! Port: 110,Secure(SSL): No, Server
Error: 0X800CCC90, Error Number: 0x800CCC90

And a picture of what AVG does when it’s trying to check my mail can be viewed here:

My bad, it wasn’t AVG… something was down yet again on DreamHosts side… What a shocker…