Help...Search links not working

Hi There,

I have had the guys at Dreamhost look at this problem for me and they could not find a sollution so I am hoping someone on here can help.

When you go to any of my pages… and put in a search…for instance, corydoras, the link page appears but you can not link out to any page, it only throws up a blank page. This has only happened in the last 2 months and I think that I have been hacked.

I have been told by the guys who run my Forum (IPB) that the the script is being terminated even before the first line of PHP is executed.

I can find my way around a PC but this is way beyond me. I would appreciate any help here.


Allan James

It seems to have something to do with the www in the url. However the behavior is weird, because if when the white page is displayed you manually drop the www and reload then you get a page load… BUT the url is also rewritten as a www url.

I have no solutions just that observation.

I took a look, and you seem to have some weird stuff set up in your .htaccess which may have been placed there maliciously. Please write in to Support for more details.

Thanks for that. I have contacted Support and I hope I can get it sorted this time.


Allan James,