Help required on installing/uploading moodle on DH

Can anyone tell me how to upload/install moodle windows package on DH? I wanted to install this as it has MySql & Php in it…
I tried to install & also to upload but couldn’t succeed…!!

Are there any changes to be done either before/after uploading moodle?

If any user has installed/uploaded successfully please provide me the steps.

I haven’t used either moodle/dh earlier.
This is an urgent requirement please help me …

Waiting for the reply…

Unfortunately, there is no way you will be able to install or run the “windows” package for Moddle/php/mySQL on DH, as DH is a Linux (Debian) based host.

As PHP and MySQL are already present on DH hosting plans (in their Lijnux packages) you may be able to install Moodle on Dreamhost (others have done it), though you will need to do some work yourself to set it up (it is not available in a “one-click” install).

You can find quite a bit of help on installing Moodle on Dreamhost with this Google search, where other Forum threads and threads from the Moodle forum dealing with Dreamhost nuances/workarounds can be found. Good Luck! :wink:


Hi Parker,
Thanks for the info,
I have gone through some of the forums but i couldn’t get a clear picture on this.
I will download the generic package of moodle and then upload it to server, but for that mysql & php has to be configured manually i guess.
If you know could you please tell me what are the essential steps to be followed before installing moodle on DH?


Is there a windows version of moodle. It should be made of standard php files (after you unzip the package).

  1. create a database for moodle installation in Panel --> Goodies --> Manage MySQL
  2. upload moodle to your website. make sure the files are inside “” folder. For example, you can upload moodle to “” folder.
  3. launch moodle and configure via “
  4. just follow the instructions and complete installation by giving MySQL database name, user name, and password.
  5. done. have fun.

Did I miss anything?

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Patricktan gave you the general idea; that is pretty much the process on most such installs. :wink:

I have not dug into the Moodle documentation enough to know what “special” php configurations might be required for Moodle - though I know there are many users on the Moodle forums using Moodle on DH. I think they would be a better source of that kind of info than I would :wink: .

I suggest running a phpinfo() program from your domain space to see how things are set up by default, and then compare that with the documentation.

Should you find that you need, or want, to customize any PHP settings, you can customize your PHP settings or install your own custom version of PHP5 (or a custom install of PHP4) as needed.

Really, the Moodle documentation and the Moodle forums should give you all the info that you need - I can’t step you through it step-by-step. :slight_smile:


Well there is a windows version of moodle, So i tried to upload my existing moodle to DH but couldn’d succeed.

Now tell me one thing which package is better to use on DH?

Anyhow, I will try as u said. I may need your help if i get stuck in b/w. By the way what about php? Do i need to make any changes

Again, do not upload the windows version of Moodle…upload the linux version.

I addressed that in my previous post - run a phpinfo() program and compare the output with the Moodle documentation - that should tell you what, if any, changes may be required.

**EDIT: I just looked at the very good installation documents for Moodle; these should give you all that you need to know once you have run the phpinfo() file.