Help removing old site

I got a problem
There is a site, dreambook from all the way back to 1999, the site is broken. But when I search my name on google, the site comes up and show a forum with my name used. The site is not created by me.

So the question is , how do I fix this, I just want my name gone from the site. And like I said, the web page who links to the book is down, so I cant reach the admin…

so now I try this forum to sort this out, what do I do?

  • I belive someone had used my name in 1999, not me on this site.
    so its spamm for my name…

so I need my name or site removed.

Thats basicly it.

I’m pretty certain many people have your same name. Unless the information comes up in top results and says that person is a pedobear and you are concerned about potential employers seeing it, I don’t know why you would care. I am pretty sure you are sol about getting it removed if the content isn’t breaking any laws.

I Im pretty sure no one got the same name as me, at least in my country, serched it out, so thats not it.

And yes, the site thread on the dreambook site from 1999 clearly is bad for my name, and illigal (someone portrays as me)

is there a phone number or a direct mail to reach dreamhost admin?

or what do I do?

Dreamhost or Dreambook admin will not modify the content of a customers Dreambook without a court order. If you wish to proceed you should contact an attorney in the Los Angeles, CA area to obtain a court order to have the specific content removed.

Not strictly true; since old guestbooks are often abandoned we’ll generally remove old content on request.

Send us a request at with a link to the guestbook, and with details on the post you’d like removed.

Problem solved, thanks dreamhost admins for a great job!