Help regarding domain hosting

Hi there, and thank you in advance for your patience.

I am looking at creating a website to use as both a programming portfolio and blog.

I’ve never ventured beyond the likes of “Wordpress”, but would like code and update the entire page myself -as a learning experience really.

I have looked into the DreamHost one year package, but before I pay the $74.00, I wanted to ask a couple of questions.

Does registering and hosting a domain with DreamHost allow me to upload a website? What services are available to me? How much space do I have? Can I host media files (.wav, .mp3, .ogg etc.)?

I know these questions are rudimentary, but when I followed the signup prompts, I was guided directly to registration and payment without really being given a chance to understand exactly what I was paying for.

Thank you and kind regards,


They used to have a 14 day free trial, but I don’t see that now. The good news is that the 97 day guarantee does still exist, so for the first 97 days you can request your money be refunded.

I’m not sure what package works out to $74.00. Maybe you were using a promo code. If you need a promocode BONUS97OFF should take $97.00 off either a one or two year account.

To answer your other question in general Shared hosting is what you want. It appears that Shared hosting is buried a little bit and harder to find on dreamhost’s main page. go here: and review from top to bottom, noting especially the box of “Standard Features” near the bottom.