Help! problem login from different location


my client uses dreamhost and can login fine to his panel however when I try to login with the same user/password it tells me that the user name or password is wrong (my client is in the US and I am in France) I also have floating IP so that can’t be that my IP is blocked.

is the error message correct or is it something else? we’ve checked username/password over and over and we are using the same.

Any ideas? this is really really frustrating,

thanks in advance for your help


Hoping somebody from dreamhost can help here since I can’t login I can access support :slight_smile: a support phone number would have been nice too :slight_smile:


Your US client probably has the extra login security feature enabled which allows him only to login from his computer/IP.
Therefore you can not login from a different location.


thanks for your reply. my client was able to get in touch with support and they said that he needs to autorize me to access it, I have a floating IP so I don’t see how the autorization by IP can work but we’ll see :slight_smile:



Glad I could help, but it is clear that the rest is up to your client/Dreamhost/and you.
At least now you have an idea where the problem is, and it was/is not you/or Dreamhost.