Help please

After discovering my site is running incredibly slow Ive found out my Blog is hosted somewhere I know nothing about.
My web site manager has identified the following…

Ive comntacted Dream Host but they cant divulge any info due to Data protection. My belief is that Ive been hacked and someone has set up a database somewhere else with my name.
Any suggestions ?


It is as you now running incredibly slow

I Have found out

The database host is ( which is actually on Dream Host.

Hi Mark,

On further investigation it turns out the database your blog is connected to is not running from your hosting account i.e. my server. Here are the connection details:

This WordPress blog actually connects out to an external MySQL server which is probably the cause here:-

define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘***’);

/** MySQL database username /
define(‘DB_USER’, '

/** MySQL database password /
define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, '

/** MySQL hostname /
define(‘DB_HOST’, '

I hope that helps.

All the best

*Edited by Voeltz, reason: compromising information was included.

There are two possible solutions.

  1. Get a copy of the SQL DB from MarsOnEnergy, transfer it to your webhost, and change the wp-condig.php to point to your server (see to find out who your host it)

  2. ‘Move’ WP by exporting the content, changing to a local SQL DB, and then running an import.