Help Please!

This is my site:

I just bought it a few hours ago. I decided to test it with an old template which was php, e.g. biography.php. I deleted all of the files from it. Then I went ahead and uploaded what you see which is what I want uploaded. The bio and contact page doesn’t work. It gives that php error.

The whole template is html, aside from the contact form. it works on my PC perfectly. So I’m thinking that maybe some temp logs or something is messing it up? Because it’s not the coding, I’ve searched and searched it.

So why isn’t it working?
Is there a way to reset all the files on my FTP?

Also, how can I change the email I use to log in with?

It looks like you should have files call biograhy.html and contact.html that are missing. Remember that these file names are case sensitive. The coding for the link itself is looking for all lowercase, if the actual file names have capitals or something then that would be an issue.

As you can see, the files are there, it’s all lowercase, no php apart from contact form. Works perfect on my PC.

Comparing page source I don’t see the error. The link appears on hover as .html and shows up correctly in the url bar after clicking. Yet I note the 404 page is referring to biography.php and contact.php

The requested URL /biography.php was not found on this server.

Exactly. The hover is good. Coding is good.

I think it’s because I uploaded the old template which was php and left overs are still there or something, even though I deleted everything. I think I just need my FTP reset or something but DH don’t have good support, so now what?