Hi, I have a serious issue, I have a hosting package at cirtex and I have phpmotion and an smf forum installed. The problem is my site is so popular that the bandwidth they offer (1500 gb a month) and disk space (30bg total) is not even close to enough. I dont have the money to pay for any really serious professional hosting from them because I get no money from the site and pay all fees out of pocket. Dreamhost on the other hand I have an account with 687gb disk space and 8tb of bandwidth which is perfect for me.

So I have tried to setup PHPmotion on dreamhost on one of my other domains without success. I however have setup ClipBucket. The site is fully functional except that the videos I upload are in a constant state of processing.

All I have done is install clipbucket on my domain with all the instructions that comes with it (MySQL changes, PHP coding in files for recognising hostname/db name, ets and chmodding all the appropriate files) I think the problem might be the ffmpeg issue. Clipbucket says that it offers a static option if I dont know the location of the dynamic encoders and I assumed that means I didnt need to install anything on my server, I am starting to think that is not the case and I have no clue how to install ffmpeg, lame, etc

I dont suppose anyone out of kindness would be willing to help me?

You can find the ffmpeg path by typing [color=#0000CC]which ffmpeg[/color] in shell.

On my shared server the path is /usr/bin/ffmpeg

I might tryout ClipBucket later today. If all goes well I’ll drop back.

For phpmotion I believe you’ll need to install a customised ffmpeg along with a sizeable chunk of dependencies. The process is very do-able on a shared server at DreamHost, but be forewarned it can be quite a beast of a thing to get right. You’ll need to be prepared to sink a few hours into it, but perhaps ClipBucket will suffice.

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