Help Please

I have tried every and still cant seem to get website up I will try to give some info on what i did and where i am at

Users on “Daniel’s Account” (1 / 75 users)
User = dsmith131 Name = “Daniel Smith” Type = ftp [login now] Machine = evian Disk Used = 14.312/204800 MB (0.0%) Action = [ Edit / Delete ]

from here i went to login now and end up here

icon Maildir Directory 4096 dsmith131 pg1109140 rwx------ Nov 7 14:21

icon bL1245.00-artA02-1 Directory 4096 dsmith131 pg1109140 rwxr-xr-x Feb 11 07:28

icon Directory 8192 dsmith131 pg1109140 rwxr-xr-x Feb 11 07:20

icon logs Directory 4096 root root rwxr-sr-x Feb 10 21:53

Files (4 / 813 B)
icon .alias ALIAS File 260 dsmith131 pg1109140 rw-r–r-- Nov 27 1999 View Edit Open

icon .bash_profile BASH_PROFILE File 81 dsmith131 pg1109140 rw-r–r-- Nov 20 2002 View Edit Open

icon .bashrc BASHRC File 55 dsmith131 pg1109140 rw-r–r-- Nov 27 1999 View Edit Open

icon .cshrc CSHRC File 417 dsmith131 pg1109140 rw-r–r-- Nov 8 2000 View Edit Open

I have my website saved on disk and hard drive and tried uploading from both but still haven’t figured out what i am doing wrong . i have tried the instructions from
if someone could help i would greatly appreciate it
Thank You

Tell your registrar to point your domain to dreamhost, ns2…,ns3… ; or transfer registration to dreamhost; and add your domain for fully hosted.

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1548 N Technology Way, #D13
Orem, Utah 84097
United States

Registered through: BlueHost.Com
Created on: 30-May-06
Expires on: 30-May-07
Last Updated on: 30-May-06

Ok i put in a request for a transfer but it say it can take up to a week so do that mean i have to wait til then to get my site up and running

You can upload/work on your site before the transfer (see wiki article linked below), but the site content hosted at DreamHost will not be publicly viewable using your domain name until the transfer has completed.

Personally, I would advise you not to follow the advice in the wiki article for viewing the site before the transfer, unless you have a reasonably good understanding of how these things work, as you could just end up more confused. :wink:

You might want to verify that the contact email address listed for the domain is valid and you can receive mail on that address, as the approval email for the domain transfer will be sent to this address.

Good luck.


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Ok Thanks