Help please

yes i am trying to install this skin onto my forum and i dont know how :frowning: can someone please add me on msn and help me do it?
my msn is :
ill do anything!

Are you using PHPBB?

If so, upload the new skin to your Templates folder in your phpbb2 folder (or whatever you called your forum folder) using an ftp client (cuteftp, wsftp, etc,) log on with your Admin username and password, go to your phpbb administration panel, on the left panel go to styles admin, select Add, Add your new style, then under your configuration panel, go to Default Style, select your new skin.

And, just an fyi, if you are using 2.0.15 or under, please upgrade to 2.0.16…

yes its wat im using but, i tried 2 do wat u told me and i got all screwed up? could you do it for me ? pelase and yes im using phpbb

like i did excatly wat u said , and its still not working