Help Please : )

I promise this is going to make some people laugh =/, but how do I get started I have payed allready and how do I start. I am talking about starting the home page. Do I need another program? if so any free ones don’t want to have to buy some more stuff.

Getting Started

or in particular How do I make my web pages? - Register your own domain with DreamHost for just $14.95 now


Not necessarily another program… unless u have too much cash lying around. There are web development software like Dreamweaver out there (from, but I’d never recommend u get it if u’re new.

For starters, u can just visit other people’s web pages. In Windows, right click ur mouse and choose “view source”. That’ll show you how the page’s structured. What you’ll probably see is a page full of HTML, CSS, and or scripts.

So to actually develop one, you’ll need skills in those. HTML is hypertext markup language. CSS is cascading stylesheets, scripts are scripts of various flavors e.g. javascript, php script, etc.

Start with html and css first. Go to, read other people’s codes, and experiment. The only tool u need for now is the windows notepad and a browser (get mozilla firefox at