Help please- cant connect to website thru ftp?

I used to be able to connect to our website ( using dreamweaver ftp or contribute and make small changes as needed…
For some reason havent been able to for a while now… this hasnt been a biggie - as not that many people look at the site - but we moved locations recenly - and have suddenly had a fair # of clients go to the wrong (old) address… which is a problem…

I have no idea how to get on the website - found the log in to dreamhost - but i think we just have the name/site from here - but the site itself is possibly hosted on another site… (sorry in advance - im so lost with all this - really not my forte…)
hwoever - I think I just set up a redirect - hoping this will prevent people from going to the site - but direct theym to the FB site (which I updated the address on…)
Any help on how to get into the actual site to make the updates to the address would be really appreciated…

thanks so much Su


Your domain appears to be registered at Dreamhost, so the Control panel here is where you could redirect your domain.

Your name servers point to, so that’s where your site is, and where you’d get your ftp login. The main ftp login is usually the same as the Cpanel login.


The domain is in fact registered at dreamhost. The nameservers are in fact pointed to

However, the only thing you can currently accomplish via the dreamhost panel is to change the nameservers. Since the nameservers are pointed elsewhere you can’t in fact create a redirect for the domain using the dreamhost panel.

If you did something in the dreamhost panel to create the redirect it can’t work, because the nameservers are pointed to To make a redirect in the dreamhsot panel work you would need to change nameservers of the domain to,,, or instead you could perhaps create the redirect at

Standard warning: All of the changes being discussed here affect DNS. DNS changes do not occur instantly. Allow anywhere from a few minutes to 72 hours. (most occur in less than 12 hours, with the average in the 3-6 hour range, however your mileage may vary)

I stand corrected.

To redirect a domain you must either have an active hosting plan OR the domain must be registered in our system and pointing to our name servers.

Setting up a redirect still requires that the domain have its nameservers pointed to DreamHost, though! Without that, we have no way of controlling what shows up on the domain at all.