HELP! Pier Project



hi, i’m trying to install pierproject and i cant get past the 2nd screen of the installer.

i’ve changed localhost to but that doesnt see to help

any ideas?


Are you referring to “Project Pier” ( How long ago did you create the MySQL host?

It takes a while for the host to be reachable via DNS, and until it is, you won’t be able to connect to it by host name.



yeah, thats the one. i create the host about 3 hours ago…


The best way to tell if the host is “ready” is to just “browse” to it in a browser (http://mysql.domain.tld, or whatever your host name is), and see if you get the Apache Authentication dialog.

If you do, then the host is ready to go and if the the user/pass you enter works, then you know you have that correct.

If you don’t get the dialog, then the host is not ready and if you can’t pass the authentication, then you need to review your user/pass information to make sure you are entering it correctly.