Help: PDFLib

Hi there:

We are trying to install PDFLib to make dynamic pdfs with php.

We tried the following tutorial:

But first we got problems with the imap installation and after disabling it we dont get it to work.

Please we need help to make this work.

What errors are you seeing in shell?

I’ve compiled pdflib-lite on a few domains and it works alright, so perhaps try out the lite version.

cd $srcdir curl -O $repos$pdflib.tar.gz tar -xzf $pdflib.tar.gz cd $pdflib ./configure --prefix=$loc --without-java nice -n 19 make make install$loc = local PATH for your customised PHP environment
$srcdir = local source dir
$repos = http/path/to/
$pdflib = PDFLIB version number

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